Lesson #40 "The Sacrament Helps Me Think About Jesus"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“Teach ideas in a simple, clear way. Use summaries and visual materials to reinforce ideas. Encourage questions and responses to the lessons, but have the child take turns with other children. Use a variety of teaching methods such as stories, songs, discussions, dramatizations, finger plays, and simple games. Alternate between quiet and lively activities” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 111).

Materials needed: Pictures 1-70, 1-8, 1-55, 1-18, 1-13, 3-56, 1-74, 1-73, 1-44, 1-59; the coloring page (print from the link below) and crayons.

What is his/her name? (point to a child) Point and ask the same question for each child. Tell the children that each of us has a name. We give people and things names like a “chair” (point to the chair) a “table” etc.

What is the name of the class we are in? If they have trouble answering, tell them it is the “Sunbeam class.” What is the name of the other (either before or after Sunbeam class) meeting we go to in Primary where we learn songs and hear children give talks? (if they don’t know, tell them it is “Sharing Time.”)

So what is it called when we go to the room with all the children and sing songs together and listen to the talks?

What is it called we come to our classroom with our Sunbeam friends and have a lesson with (teacher’s name)?

What is it called when we go into the big room and sit with our families and take the bread and water? The name of that is “Sacrament Meeting.” Why it is named sacrament meeting? (Because we take the sacrament). We call it Sacrament Meeting because the sacrament is the most important thing we do in that meeting. Sacrament Meeting is the most important meeting of all. It is more important than Sharing Time and Sunbeam class time because that is where we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us and take the bread and water to remember him.

The sacrament is what Jesus asked us to take to remember him. Show the Last Supper (1-70) and talk about what is happening. Show picture 1-8 and ask what is happening in this picture. Make a connection for the children between these two events.

Do this “Activity Verse” (sing to the tune of “Come With Me to Primary,” Children’s Songbook, p. 255).

I’m glad I come to church each week (hands peaked)

I love to listen (hand over ear)

And to pray (fold arms, bow head)

I learn of Jesus up above (point up)

The sacrament shows us His love (hug self)

Repeat a few times and encourage the children to just do the hand actions at first and then try to sing it with you.

What does the bread remind us of? The water?

When we wait for the bread and water, what should we be doing? Put your thumbs up if what I say is a good thing and thumbs down if it is a bad thing:

Playing with toys?

Talking to our brother or sister?

Thinking about Jesus?

Thinking about a t.v. show?

Listening carefully to the sacrament prayers?

Standing up on the bench or crawling on the floor?

Playing games on your mom’s cellphone?

Looking at pictures of Jesus?

(If the chapel is vacant during this time): Let’s take a walk quietly down the hall and see where the holders of the Aaronic Priesthood prepare the sacrament in the chapel. Then let’s sit on a bench and practice what our bodies look like during the sacrament.

(Back in class): If we are thinking about Jesus, we can think about the things he did when he lived on earth. Here are some pictures (show the pictures one at a time and ask the children what Jesus is doing in each of them).

Put the chairs in a circle and place one of the pictures on each chair. Have the children stand in a circle inside the chairs and walk in a circle. I’m going to sing the song we learned and when the song ends, stop in front of one of the chairs, next to a picture and we’ll talk about each one. Have each child tell what Jesus is doing and remind them they can think of this story during the sacrament.

Give them the coloring page (print from link below) and remind them to think of Jesus’ love for them and all he did when they are taking the sacrament.



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