Month: October 2014

Evolving Family Relationships: Parenting Adult Children

There isn’t a handbook for this.  Being flexible and open to learning, adjusting, and growing up is part of a long-term relationship between parents and their children. How do you continue parenting throughout the life spectrum? I suggest you reestablish inter-generational relationships in these 3 ways: Establishing a Lifelong Interdependence Appreciation for one another as adult people Forgiveness I follow the first interview that lasts 1 hr. on “What Parent Handbooks Don’t Tell You” on Dec. 12, 2013 on the Matt Townsend show. After that topic, Matt and I talk about parenting adult children. Listen now.

Child Anxiety

Most parents are familiar with childhood fears. It is common for kids to be scared of the dark and have difficulty going to bed. But these fears could also be manifest with separation anxiety, adjusting to new situations, or fear or the unknown.
On BYU radio “The Matt Townsend Show,” I follow the first interview that lasts 1 hr. on Jan 6, 2014. After that topic, I share with the host 3 different strategies in helping children overcome their fears. Listen now.

Seeing Two Sides of the Issue in Parenting

Here are some issues I review in this BYU radio interview. I am interviewed in the 2nd segment of the Matt Townsend program:

Context matters.
Widen your perspectives and hear your child.
Take off your filters.
Establish a pattern of trust.
Compromise and negotiation.
Listen, listen, listen.
No reactivity or control freaks.
Problem solve together with your child.

These ideas work when you confront a parent-child conflict. Listen now:

Religion and Parenting

Thomas Plante, a noted psychologist, shares aspects of religion and psychology on the Matt Townsend radio program. I follow him in the 2nd segment with the topic of effects of religion and parenting.

Listen now to BYU radio:

The Blame Game

Ahhh, the Blame Game. We all play it in relationships more than we should. Especially in families. Listen now to BYU radio as I am interviewed on the dynamics of parent-child blaming

Benefits of Parent Entrepreneurs

This BYU radio program starts with the topic Skills for Success. I follow the first guest in the 2nd segment to talk about why being parent entrepreneurs teaches kids great life lessons.

“Good Enough” Parenting

Matt Townsend interviews a guest on the topic of reality parenting for the first hour. I am interviewed after that on how being “good enough” is the best parent for or kids and for ourselves. Listen now on BYU radio Sirius XM 143

Get Kids Excited About Chores

How in the world do you unify the family through doing their chores? Is that totally unrealistic? It’s a goal we can all work toward and actually have success more often than not. Chores aren’t really about getting the house clean, they’re about bringing your family together and teaching important life skills.
Here is a TV interview I did on that subject and tips for getting children excited to do their jobs.

Parenting Styles and Procrastination

Are you so bugged by kids who never seem to get things done on time? Do they drag their feet or “forget” their homework? Your parenting style may be teaching or pushing them in that bad direction. Learn how to stop nagging and why your parenting style matters.

I follow the first interview that lasts 1 hr. on Procrastination on the Matt Townsend show on June 9, 2014. After that topic, I discuss with Matt the research behind parenting styles that predict child procrastination. It’s a great show!

Listen now.