Parenting With Spiritual Power


Parenting With Spiritual Power
Julie K. Nelson

“I wish children came with an instruction manual!” How many times have we heard this lament by a frustrated or overwhelmed parent? Perhaps we have said these words (or thought them) ourselves. There are “how to” manuals for practically anything: installing a new faucet, building a remote control car, baking an apple pie, refinishing an antique chair, or assembling a bicycle. Is there a formula or a perfect manual for raising children? Yes! The scriptures.

In Parenting with Spiritual Power, Julie Nelson encourages you to crack open the manual and examine the lives and parenting principles of scriptural mothers and fathers. Discover powerful examples from figures like Adam and Eve, Moses, and the Brother of Jared along with suggestions for personal application in this essential book.

Product Details
Title: Parenting with Spiritual Power
Author: Julie K. Nelson
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 192
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781462111688
Release Date: 2013-03-12
Price: $13.99


  1. I’ve read this amazing book. Full of inspiration, encouragement, and real life examples. Thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. I highly recommend it!


    I am so proud of you–what an accomplishment. Writing a book is such a labor of love but then to do what it takes to get it published is an amazing feat. Way to go! I read much of the first chapter on the “Look Inside” feature at Amazon Books and I was truly impressed. Great doctrine and practical application of principles were the highlights for me–very perceptive. Keep up the good work, I’m rooting for you! Best wishes as you go through this exciting time. I hope that the book will be a great success because the premise is so essential. We live in a world of such conflicting ideas about parenting. Man’s wisdom can be good or totally off the mark, but God’s wisdom is best–perfect and eternal. I think this is a message that all parents need to take to heart. It’s like Joseph Smith when he was faced with the confusing gamut of religious zeal, he went to the source of all wisdom and found the answer he was seeking. As parents, we are all seeking answers and Heavenly Father’s word and will is definitely the best source. I have a feeling that your book will help parents more fully put their trust in God’s counsel instead of the world’s. That will go a long way in helping our children realize their potential–Kudos to you, Julie! Give our love to your family. I am sure they have been a huge help in making this come to fruition.

    Much love and heartfelt best wishes for your book launch,


  3. I am now in the grandparenting phase of life and am infused with the desire to teach moral principles with the guidance of scriptures. Julie has made this so reasonably easy!! I will give copies to each of my daughters along with enthusiastic endorsement of this book.

  4. I completely love this book! Julie is an extremely talented writer who illustrates great parenting principles from scriptural, personal, and familial perspectives. Her ability to use powerful illustrations elevates parenting above a “sacred duty” to a joy! I especially enjoyed Chapter 15 – Joshua and the Twelve Stones: The Power of Memorials. In it Julie gives further insight into her relationship with her father and how his righteous parenting influence helped shape her life. Using the scriptures as a guide she shows us how we can partner with Heavenly Father to develop personal parenting success. Julie’s description of her daughter Rachel’s boating accident was poignant and illustrates the power of faith. This book will touch your heart and soul and give you positive practical counsel on how to successfully parent in today’s challenging world. Julie’s ability to communicate is phenomenal and I heartily recommend this faith promoting parenting guide to everyone!

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