Parenting Articles

The following titles are my insights and inspirational thoughts about parenting and related subjects that have been published by news agencies.

6 ways parents can improve their listening skills

Read it again, Mom!

4 New Year’s Resolutions This Mom Can Keep!

Better Relationships in 2016

How to Avoid the “Gimmes” at Christmas

Teenage Poster

How to talk to your child about terrorism

Parenting Cartoon

2 Smart Reasons to Thank Dads for All Those Pillow Fights

Follow Your Gut on Family Health

Stepparenting: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Why You Should Lower Your Expectations

Why You Shouldn’t Be Best Friends With Your Kids

5 Ways to Destroy Your Child’s Self Confidence

 3 Ways to Help Children Overcome Their Fears

What owning up to our mistakes teaches our children

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

How Righteous Traditions Bless Families

Not losing our ears, or our tempers

The Perils of Technology

Valuing those who Nurture

Putting Labels on Clothing (not children)

Parents Magazine: How to prepare your child for preschool

Who are better listeners? Parents or children?

Building Memorials

6 ways to exercise gratitude, increase happiness

Beyond ABCs: Is your child emotionally ready for kindergarten?

Road trips without the road kill

Deseret News: Tips for successful family meal times

The “As If” Principle

Treasure Hunt! How to go Geocaching

How to organize a summer school co-op

8 ingredients in values-based parenting

“The Facts of Life” poem

6 Strategies to Help Siblings Stay Close

Love Me, Love My Beehive

Donuts and Disappointments: Lifting family members who make mistakes

It Takes Two To Argue: Don’t be one of them

The 10 Commandments: A moral compass

What is Value-Based Parenting?

Maternal Instincts: 8 secrets of happy moms

A Swift Kick In the Butt

“Once upon a time…” and other family stories

Cellphones and Saddles

Ninja Turtle Underwear: Haute Couture for Toddlers

Dinner Table Rewards

Talking with Teens and Flying Lessons

Gardeners, Seeds and Soil: nourishing our child’s potential

Work-Life Balancing Act

Fortune Telling, Early Literacy, and Mt. Everest

Bedtime Rituals




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