A PhD in Parenting

In my job as a university professor, I hang out with a lot of smart people.

Experts in their fields.

PhDs can be fascinating to work even while they might be intimidating to some.

The thing is they are really, really good in their areas of study whether than be science, math, music, or biology. It doesn’t mean they know much about other disciplines. However, there is one profession that requires a person to be an expert in pretty much everything.


Think about it. What knowledge and aptitude does it take to be a parent? The profession of parenting requires a comprehensive list of skills. You need a degree in…well…everything! As you think about each degree listed below, consider how it plays into the role of parenting and family life:

Computer Science


Health Sciences


Child (and Human) Development

Fashion/Clothing and Textiles







Landscape and Horticulture

Event Planning

Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Communication/Conflict Resolution


Organizational Behavior





E.M.T. with a bit of Nursing on the side

Political Science





Did you think of any other areas a parent needs to learn about and teach to their children? If we stop to think about it, we are really amazing!

When was the last time you heard someone respond to the question, “What do you do for a living?” with “I am a parent!” just like they would proudly say, “I am a Marine Biologist!” or “I am a Mechanical Engineer!”?

Unfortunately, I usually see the respondent look down and say apologetically, “I am just a mom.”

Stop with the “just” already! We are professionals! We know so much about everything and are enrolled in the most comprehensive “PhD” program in the world.

Parenting: the hardest profession in the world

Parents should be earning their own PhD and “walk” with cap and gown on the day their kids graduate form high school. A PhD should stand for “Parents Have Dominion.”

Because we really do rule the world. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room to figure that out.


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