Lesson #38 "I Can Be Reverent"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“Encourage children to share with their family  what they are learning. In family home evenings, they can share songs, scriptures, games, and principles they learn in Primary class.” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 109).

Materials needed: Gospel Art Pictures (listed below), a large sheet of paper for each child, markers and crayons.

We are going to play a game. It’s called Opposites. We are going to do things that are different from each other. Opposite means we do things that are different from each other. Do actions together with children to the following.

Stand up. Sit Down.

March quickly. March slowly.

Roll your hand up. Roll them down.

Turn the light off. Turn it on.

Clap your hands loudly.   Clap your hands softly.

Frown. Smile.

Wiggle your fingers up  high. Wiggle your fingers down low.

These are opposites. There is a song that talks about opposites. Let’s sing it.

“Do As I’m Doing” Children’s Songbook, p. 276

Repeat verses with new actions

When you are in church, you do things differently than when you are outside. The church is Heavenly Father’s special place for us to come and think about His Son Jesus and feel His love. 

When we are outside, we can run fast.  When we are inside the church, we walk ___________ (let children fill in the blank). Yes, that is opposite!

When we are outside, we can yell and talk loudly.  When we are inside the church,  we talk ________(let children fill in the blank). Yes, that is opposite!

When we are outside, we can run around. When we are inside the church, we sit _____________(let children fill in the blank). Yes, that is opposite!

Look at these two pictures (1-38 and 1-8). 

What do you see the children doing?  Where are they? They are doing opposite things. Which children are being reverent?

When we sit quietly and think about Jesus, we are being reverent.

Have the same discussion for pictures 1-48 and 1-41.

Listen while I sing this song and tell me how it makes you feel: “Reverently, Quietly” (or play from Primary CD Children’s Songbook, p. 36).

How did that song make you feel? Songs about Jesus help us feel reverent. We feel love and happiness for him and we are grateful for all He has done for us.  

What does our bodies look like when we are reverent?  (Discuss and have the children practice putting their hands in their laps, or folding their arms, keeping their feet and bodies quiet–praise them for their efforts).

Let me sing it again and you sing the words, “Reverently, Quietly” when I sing them. Remember how our bodies should look while we are singing.

If we learn how to be reverent in church, one day we will be able to go to the temple. The temple is God’s house and is the most beautiful, reverent, happy place on earth. (show picture 1-54). This is one of Heavenly Father’s temples. Inside temples, everyone whispers to keep it quiet inside so everyone can think about Jesus. (Use a “whisper” voice as you talk about your feelings if you have been inside a temple and the temple nearby where they live. During the brief discussion, have the children practice their “whisper” voice too).

Let’s practice walking down the hall with our reverent bodies. It will help us to feel reverent if we look at the pictures on the wall. (If you have gospel art hanging on the church walls, stop and talk about a few of them. Discuss how these help us think of Christ and to be reverent while we are in church).

If we walk very quietly and think about Jesus, we will go outside and run afterward. (Go outside if possible. Be sure when it is time to come back in that you transition them by having them stop at the door, discuss how they need to be “opposite” now: quiet feel, closed mouths, quiet hands, before going inside).

Inside: Have each child stand on a large piece of paper and trace around their feet. Let them color their two feet and write this poem on each:

These are my two feet, they walk so sweet.

When I pray they’re quiet, I like to try it!

How are we reverent when we get ready for a prayer? Listen to this song and tell me what our bodies are supposed to do. “We Bow our Heads” (Children’s Songbook, p. 25).

Ask a child to say the closing prayer. Praise all those who are reverent during the prayer. Challenge them to be reverent by thinking about Jesus when they say their prayers at home.  Tell them to put their two little feet paper on the floor near their bed to remember to kneel quietly each night to say their personal prayers.




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