Lesson #35 "I Can Be Kind to Animals"


Materials needed: Gospel art pictures 1-30, 1-28, an outline of a cat cut from various colors of construction paper, pictures of pets and zoo animals.

I’m going to made a sound and pretend like I am an animal. Can you guess what I am?(make various animal noises). Very good! You know a lot about animals. Did you know that Heavenly Father made all animals? Show the creation picture and talk about the creation and how God made animals. Let each child come up and identify one of the animals in the picture.

Now let’s see how good you are at being one of the animals God made on the earth (whisper an animal in each child’s ear and have them act and sound it for the others to guess).

Tell story and show picture of Noah’s ark. Because the animals were good, Heavenly Father saved them with Noah and the ark. Heavenly Father has commanded us to take care of animals and be kind to them.

Do you have any pets?  Show pictures of pets. What are they like? How do you take care of them? If you have a pet, this would be a good time to share your love for animals and how you cared for it.

I brought a pretend pet made out of paper. Can you tell what pet it is? (cat).  She is orange.  She changes colors if you jump and clap when I say “that”

“Scat the Cat”

I’m Scat the Cat

I’m sassy and fat

If you don’t like my color

I can change like (Jump and clap) that!.

(When they clap, drop the front cat silhouette down to reveal the next color and have the children name the color before starting again).

Let’s pretend we are going on a train ride in a zoo to see all of Heavenly Father’s animals.  (line up chairs and use animals pictures).  We will sing our zoo train song and see what animals the keepers are feeding:

(Tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

The keeper in the zoo, the keeper in the zoo,

Heigh-ho the derry-o, the keeper in the zoo.

The keeper feeds the bears, etc.

The keeper feeds the goats, etc.

Give each child one of the “Scat the Cat” paper outlines. Ask each child to finish this sentence: “I can be kind to animals by…” and write it out what each says on their cat. Let them draw facial features and take it home.

Bear your testimony on the love God has for animals and that we are so blessed to have them. Share your feelings about animals and all of God’s creations.

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