Lesson #34 "I Can Love Others"

“Pray ever day for help in your preparation. Ask Heavenly Father to help you be aware of things that will make your lesson vivid, memorable, and inspiring to those you teach” Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 23.

Materials needed: Gospel Art Kit pictures: children in situations where they are showing love such as doing dishes, giving mom a flower, playing with friends, etc., and the Good Samaritan picture, a scarf for a blindfold, a snack, dress ups.

Play musical chairs while singing, “Love One Another” (or play it on the Children’s Songbook CD). When the song ends, they sit on a chair with a picture on it. They say what the picture is and how it shows you love someone (hug, smile, sharing, kiss, etc.) Repeat if desired.

When we love one another, we talk nicely and use good manners. We say “please” and “thank you.”  I have a treat to share with you. Each person asks for it  by saying, “Please can I have a treat.” And after I give it to them, they have to say, “Thank you” and I say “You’re Welcome.”

Let’s go outside and play “Can you please?”  (like the game “Mother May I,” but if I say “Can you please take two steps” They have to say “thank you” and then do it.  If I just say, “Take two steps,” they can’t go).

Back inside: Show the picture of the Good Samaritan and tell the story. Ask when the story is over how the Samaritan showed love to the hurt man.  Put on dress ups and have them act it out.

What if someone looks different than you?  Can you be their friend?  What if they are in a wheelchair or they don’t have legs that work?  What if they have different colored skin or speak a different language? Do you know any children that are like this? How are you their friend? (Do you invite them over to play with you? Do you smile at them even if you can’t talk with them? Do you help them if they need help?). What would it be like if you had legs that didn’t work or eyes that couldn’t see? Let’s imagine what it might feel like to be blind. Blindfold one child and ask them to try to find their way back to their chair. Repeat with other children. When finished, ask them how they felt and remind them that blind people can never use their eyes to see.

Share a personal example (perhaps when you were in a foreign country and couldn’t speak the language and someone helped you or when you were able to help some one with a disability and how it made you feel).

We show Heavenly Father and Jesus that we love them when we are kind to all children. I want to share my love by telling each of you how you are special. (Share something different about each child what you admire about them).


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