Lesson #37 "I Can Be Honest"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“Occasionally you might send home reports on the lessons or activities in which [the children] have participated to help reinforce what the child has learned. You could also let parents know when their child has been particularly helpful or when their child is assigned to pray or give a talk. You can invite parents to share their experiences or their testimonies as part of a lesson.” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 109).

Materials needed: a button (or penny) for each child, an empty can with a lid (like a #10 can with plastic lid) with a treat inside, a headband for each child (if possible, have the words “I can be honest” across the band).

Play the button game. Instruct each child to close their hands together as if they hiding a button (or penny). One child comes up to the front of the classroom, turns his or her back to the class and closes their eyes while you put a button in one of the student’s hands. The child up front then turns around and asks each child, “Do you have the button?” (or penny). Each answers yes or no, whatever is the case, and opens up their hands as proof. When they get to the child who answers “yes,” that child comes up to the front. Repeat until all have had a chance to hold the button and ask the questions. While playing the game, praise the children for telling the truth (“yes, you had the button!” or “no, you didn’t have the button, that’s right!”).

After: Compliment each child on being honest when they answered if they have the button hiding in their hands or not.

What does being “honest” mean?  (not tell a lie, tell the truth, not steal, play fairly) How do you feel when you are honest?  How do you feel when someone lies or doesn’t play nicely with you?

I am going to say some things and you tell me if they are honest or not. Put your thumbs up if it is true; put your thumbs down if it is not true.

I am wearing a dress

I am wearing cowboy boots

I am a mother

I am a father

We are at school

We are at church

There is a horse in the room, etc.

Show the can and tell the children that something is inside. Tell them that there is a dog inside (or some other improbable thing). Ask them if they believe you. Why or why not? Let see if I was telling the truth or not. Open up the lid and show what is inside. Oh, I told a lie! That is not good. We should always tell the truth. I’m going to try again and tell the truth. This time tell them what is really inside, then open up the lid and ask them if it is true. Pass out a treat to each child.

Show picture of the 2,000 stripling warriors.  Tell the story of their obedience, honestly and bravery.

Make a headband: “ I am honest” and put one on each child’s head.

Beat a “drum” (the lid on the large can) and have kids march around the room like warriors. Each time the drum stops, a child answers how they can be honest:

Your mommy said not to eat a cookie but you sneak one when she is not looking

You take a toy from your friend’s house and put it in your pocket

You find some money that doesn’t belong to you

Your mom asks if you did your job but you didn’t

Your mom asks if you have brushed your teeth and you haven’t

You dropped a plate on the floor by accident and it broke.

You friend wants to watch a show on t.v. and you want to watch a different one.

Before the children go home, give them each a button (or penny) to put in their shoe. Tell their parents that the button is to remind them to always tell the truth.


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