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4 Ways to Stop Singing the Post-Wedding Blues

My eldest daughter is getting married (crash the cymbals, shout from the rooftops)! My first engaged child and first wedding. I grew up with my husband in the same small town, so our courtship and marriage were a very easy and natural extension of my life and our relationship. SinceĀ 4 of my 5 kids are in a marriageable stage of life, I’m realizing it’s not so easy for everyone, and has become a harder proposition for young adults these days. Now that my daughter has found a spectacular man and they have become engaged, the other obstacle to overcome is the wedding celebration, and all the drama and stress that leads up to that climatic day.

So I wrote this article for my daughter, and anyone who will be planning a wedding soon. By today’s standards, my wedding reception was plain and simple, but look! We’re happily married for almost 30 years. So here’s some advice to make that day a start of a lasting, loving, committed life together.