parent-child relations

“I am not your friend, kid.”

This is just too awesome for words. I love this mom. “My child’s well being is more important than my child’s opinion of me. My job is not to be liked by my kid and I don’t take that personally when my kid doesn’t like me. I am not their buddy. I am their parent.”

How To Talk To Your Child About Terrorism

Has anyone had to discuss the recent terrorist attacks with a child? Not easy! The world seems to be an increasingly unsafe place, whether it’s natural disasters, economic crisis, terrorism, relationship breakdown, or even the increase of bullying. No wonder children succumb to anxiety at times.

With new terrorism attacks in France, and frightening topics discussed in the news and around the dinner table, here is an article I wrote for Family Share with six tips for how to address your child’s fears.

If you need a few more tips for addressing specific fears such as fears of the dark at bedtime, here is another article I wrote for