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Lesson #22 "I Can Do Many Things"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“A calling is a sacred opportunity to serve. It carries with it an accountability to the Lord. It should influence the way you life, governing your decisions and motivating you to be a faithful and wise servant” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 20).

Materials needed: baby items (i.e. bottle, pacifier, baby food jar, bib, rattle or toy, etc.), something crunchy to eat like carrot sticks, a blanket, magnetic fishing pole and fish with paperclips to “catch” with actions written on the fish (i.e. jump 5 times, hop on one foot, sign the ABC song, say your full name, etc.).

Have the children gather on a blanket on the floor. Put out baby items one at a time and ask them what each is called and its use. At the end, ask if they ever used these things. Why don’t they use them now? When we were babies, we couldn’t do very much. Can a baby (walk, talk, feed itself, dress itself, ride a bike, sing song, jump up and down?) No, but you can.

You are so smart now that you are 3 (and 4) years old! Play the game of having the children close their eyes and you hide one of the items behind your back. When they open their eyes, they have to guess which baby thing is missing. Repeat.

Who has a little baby brother or sister? Are you big and help you mom when a baby is crying? We are so much bigger now and can all do many special things. What can you do now? One thing you can do is eat your own food. When you were a baby, your mom or dad had to feed you and you got very messy so you had to wear a bib. Now you have grown teeth in your mouth and can chew. Who wants to show us how they can chew and eat these carrots without making a mess?

If you have a nursery room nearby, this would be a good time to take a walk to visit the younger children. Remind your Sunbeams that they used to be in nursery but now they are big and can do more things.

I know how smart you are now that you are growing up. We have learned in Sunbeams that we have a Father in Heaven. What is another name for Heavenly Father? (God) He made our bodies and is the father of our spirits. Who can remember the song “I Am a Child of God”? Let’s sing it together. (Children’s Songbook, p. 2)

Our bodies can do many things. Point to the part of your body that we have talked about in Sunbeams: We have learned that our fingers can touch and feel, our tongues can taste, our eyes can see, our noses can smell and our ears can hear. I’m going to touch a body part and you tell me what is does.

We can do more things and harder things as we grow up and get bigger.

Sing the song in the Children’s Songbook p. 249 entitled “Once there was a Snowman” but change the words to:

Once I was a baby…small, small, small. (crouch down on the floor)

Now I’m growing bigger…tall, tall, tall (gradually stand up straight).


What are you learning how to do now? Ride on a scooter? Ride a tricycle? Zip your coat? Button your shirt. In a few years, you’re going to learn how to ride a two-wheeler and tie your shoes and write your name. Do you think it will be hard? What are you learning to do now that is hard? Are you going to keep trying and working hard? Share something from your life that was a new skill that you had to be persistent in learning. Talk about your sense of accomplishment.

Sing “Do As I’m Doing” (Children’s Songbook, p. 276). Let’s pretend to do a few of these new things and sing a song.

Go “fishing.” Do the action the fish tells.

Bear Testimony. Heavenly Father sent us to earth to grow up, learn to do many important things and obey His commandments so we can be happy.

If time, play the hiding game. Have all the children find a spot to curl up in a ball on the floor with their face down, eyes shut. Cover up one of the children with your blanket. When you say “1,2,3” all the children sit up and look around (except the one who is covered. The children have to figure out which child is hiding. Repeat.

Sunbeam Lesson #6 "Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me"

Sunbeam Lesson #6  ” Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me”

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Primary Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lessons Listing” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“As you prepare yourself spiritually and acknowledge the Lord in your teaching, you will become an instrument in His hands. The Holy Ghost will magnify your words with power.” Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 41.

Materials to bring: Get chalk and eraser from library (or bring a dry erase marker and white board). Bring playdough, hand mirror, pictures.

Summarize the First Vision story. Show picture of Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove.  Jesus looks like our Father in Heaven. We look like Him too, because He is our Father.

Who is Jesus’ father?  (Heavenly Father). Be sure all children say His name together. Practice a few times if necessary.  He is our Father in Heaven too. They both love us.

Put a mirror up to a child’s face.  I see_______(child’s name). Jesus and Heavenly Father love __________. You look like them. Repeat with each child. If they prefer, have the child say his/her own name. Hold it up to your face. I see_______(your name). Jesus and Heavenly Father love me. I look like them. Testify how Father in Heaven loves you. Share your feelings or experiences of how you feel His love. Do any of you have a happy feeling when you come to church? (get personal responses).That is because you feel His love here.

Show picture of Jesus and children. He loved children. When He lived on earth, He showed them He loved them by:

playing with them

giving them hugs and holding them on his lap

giving them food when they were hungry

praying with them

helping them to get better when they were sick

teaching them to do what is right

Let’s walk quietly down the halls in our church and look at the pictures hanging on the walls. We will stop and see if any of the paintings has children it them. If they do, let’s see what Jesus is doing to show love to the children. (Review expectations for leaving the classroom and walking in the hallways).

Back in the classroom: Did we see Jesus doing any of the thing we talked about? (Review items from list above). I will say one way Jesus shows His love, and let’s act it out.

Ask a child to come up to stand by you and give them a hug. I love you very much. Jesus loved children too. They loved to be near him. Sit on my lap while I sing you a song about him. Sing a portion of the song from the Primary Songbook hymn p. 59.

Jesus loved the little children

Little ones like me

He would bless and help them

And take them on his knee.

(repeat with a different child on your knee each time)  Encourage all children to point to self when they say the word “me” and point to their knee when they say the word “knee.”

Jesus made this world for us to live in. What things did Jesus create in this world that makes us happy? Show pictures of things in nature and have children name them (trees, flowers, animals, waterfalls, etc.). Draw a picture of something Christ created on the board. Include objects from the song below. Let them guess what it is. Let the children come up and each draw something for us to guess. Whisper ideas to them if they need help.

I’m going to sing a song that has words to describe things that are in our world that Jesus made: bird, sky, rain, wind, rose and a tree. Ask each child to do a certain motion (below) in the song, standing in order. Demonstrate it and have them practice. When you point to them, they do that action in the song.

“My Heavenly Father Loves Me” (Children’s Songbook, p. 228).

Whenever I hear the song of a bird (hand cupped to ear)

Or look at the blue, blue sky, (hand raised above eyes)

Whenever I feel the rain on my face (fingers tapping on face)

Or the wind as it rushes by (motion hands across in front of body)

Whenever I touch a velvet rose (finger touch)

Or walk by a lilac tree,(walk in place)

I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world (arms in a big circle)

Heavenly Father created for me. (hug self)

Repeat the song a few times and then ask them to do all the actions while they sing it.

Testify that their Father in Heaven loves them and He sent His Son on earth to show how much He loves little children. Tell them how much you love each one. Express a thought of appreciation you have for each child. Share your feelings about specific beautiful things in this world that remind you of God’s love for us.

Bring out playdough.  Each child creates something that Heavenly Father and Jesus has given us. Show pictures to get ideas.