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Better Relationships in 2016

I was interviewed for a Wall Street Journal article called “Look Ahead: 4 steps to better relationships in the new year” in the Tuesday, December 29, 2015 edition.

Here’s a link to the online version:

How To Avoid the “Gimmies” at Christmas

Have you ever heard these words after a child opens a thoughtfully-given present: “Is that all?” It’s time to raise children who are less selfish and less disgruntled with the gifts they receive. How can you raise generous, gracious children who think more of others than themselves? Tis the season to start and here’s an article to get you going.

This article was featured in For Every Mom. The byline was:

These 5 ways to avoid the “gimmes” with your kids this Christmas are spot-on sage advice.

How To Talk To Your Child About Terrorism

Has anyone had to discuss the recent terrorist attacks with a child? Not easy! The world seems to be an increasingly unsafe place, whether it’s natural disasters, economic crisis, terrorism, relationship breakdown, or even the increase of bullying. No wonder children succumb to anxiety at times.

With new terrorism attacks in France, and frightening topics discussed in the news and around the dinner table, here is an article I wrote for Family Share with six tips for how to address your child’s fears.

If you need a few more tips for addressing specific fears such as fears of the dark at bedtime, here is another article I wrote for

Benefits of Reading to Children

I was on BYU radio Sept 8th talking about the amazing benefits of regularly reading to your children. I followed such eclectic topic as China and Oil and Vocal Fry.

Here are a few statistics to blow your mind. Just how important is the small yet profound act of regularly reading to your children?

Regular reading to children from birth through five years old is strongly linked to kindergarten readiness. Furthermore, reading proficiency by third grade is the most important predictor of graduation from high school and career success. In an international study of 150,000 fourth-graders, those whose parents “often” read to them scored 30 points higher than their peers who were only “sometimes” read to. In another study, the breakdown of minutes read at home correlated with academic status. On standardized reading tests, students who were read to for 2 minutes a day outside of school scored in the 30th percentile; those who were read to for 5 minutes a day scored in the 50th percentile; those who were read to  for 10 minutes a day scored in the 70th percentile; and those who were read to for 20 minutes a day scored in the 90th percentile.

So reading daily for 20 minutes translates to an “A” grade. Who wants a child to receive any less in life?

So pick up a book tonight when you tuck your child in for bed. Read for 20 minutes, talking about the book and discussing your day together. Make it a daily ritual…like brushing your teeth.

Or brushing the cobwebs out of our brains.

Stay tuned for my next post on my FAV-or-ite books to read aloud to young children.

BYU Radio Interview: Post-Wedding Blues


Is it just me, or are we having a rash of weddings this summer? I’ve counted 8 just in my neighborhood alone (including my daughter’s which will be in 2 weeks–gulp). The hype and stress of wedding and reception planning can create a huge let down afterward so I was interviewed on BYU radio about how to avoid the post-wedding blues.

Is Sesame Street GOOD for your kids?

sesame street

How well do you know your Sesame Street? In the early seasons, who was the roving reporter for the News Flash?

a) Bert

b) Guy Smiley

c) Kermit the Frog

d) Oscar the Grouch.

What was Oscar the Grouch’s original color?

a) orange

b) red

c) blue

d) black

I give the answer to these, as well as other trivia, and research on how to reap the benefits from your child watching educational programming on the Matt Townsend show BYU radio.

2 smart reasons to thank dads for all those pillow fights

This Cheerios ad caught my attention this Father’s Day because I just wrote an article that ran on about the importance of dads. Dads add an element to parenting that is so essential, namely, the active, fun, and a little crazy play that kids need. Watch this commercial and see how many ways this dad does these things with his kids. It’s a really effective commercial….I totally wanted to try peanut butter Cheerios after watching it!

Then read my awesome article!

The Importance of Fathers


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An expert on the issue of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was interviewed on BYU Radio’s Matt Townsend show on May 26th. Here are some teasers:

Do you think our country does enough for mothers (and what about new fathers?) to leave work to spend time with their newborn and then return if they choose?

Are they penalized if they leave and come back after 6 weeks-3 months?

Does the employer suffer economic consequences for extending paid maternal leave?

Did you know that the US is the only industrialized nation that does not have paid leave for mothers?

Does paid leave have long-term negative or positive ramifications for our economy, the family, and the couple?

This expert covers some of these issues in this program.

If follow at the end of the program in a segment called “The Role of Fathers in the Development of Children.” I bring research and reason to the topic of dads bonding with their young, and how their style of play helps children develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Here is the link:

Radio Interview: Radio 1 “Alberta @noon”

I was on CBC Radio 1 that is carried across Canada. I tip my hat to our neighbors to the North. It was on May 8th and preceded Mother’s Day.  The question the host asked listeners was “What was the best advice your mom gave you?” or “What do you wish she would have given you as advice?” One of the responses I loved was “Play the hand you are dealt.” What would you have said?

Here’s the full program podcast. I come on after the first guest at around 8:00.