Book Review from Utahtopia

It seems like I’ve read about a hundred parenting books in my time, and even worked for a while with a “parenting” company, and I’d pretty much lost hope on there being a truly good, applicable, healthy, and enjoyable book for the complexities of raising a family in today’s world. Too many authors want to be all-this, or all-that, blame the parents or blame the kids, while life often requires a more subtle approach. Which is where Keep It Real and Grab a Plunger comes in. I truly appreciate author Julie K. Nelson’s down-to-earth perspective. It’s not all tips or principles, but a bit of both, and a lot of perspective on life as a mom.

Many of us were raised by “housewives,” yet we want to be more “stay-at-home moms.” Are we keeping our house? Or raising our children? Both? Do we focus mostly on our family (#priorities) but still feel guilty about the messy house, especially when the family looks kinda messy, too? Many of us feel like that sometimes, and I think Nelson shares in that, too. Happily, her practical yet principled advice will help us “keep it real,” be more effective, and work through parenting decisions before they erupt in our faces. For example, many parents will appreciate the chapter, “Keep it Real… and and Take a Time-Out: How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids,” and I think our children would appreciate the good and valid advice she has to offer, too. The book covers a range of concerns that basically all parents face, and offers some clear advice in an easy-to-read format, that I found helpful, informative, and encouraging as well.

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