Christmas Lesson

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“While we study the scriptures regularly and diligently, earnestly seeking guidance from the Spirit, we will be receptive to enlightenment about how to prepare lessons. We will also be prepared to receive and follow promptings from the Spirit while we teach. As we ‘treasure up continually  the words of life…it shall be given [us] in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man’.” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 14).

Materials needed: dress ups, copies of the handout and crayons, Gospel Art Kit pictures of the nativity and wise men, ipad or tablet, small white board and dry erase markers.

Read the story of the Nativity from Luke 2 and Matthew 2. Show the Gospel Art kit pictures.

Who are the important people in this story? How did they show their love for baby Jesus? Express your love for Jesus and how he came to earth to show us God’s love for all His children.

Watch this story of The Nativity and tell the names of the different people and what they are doing:

Bear your testimony.

Dress ups: each child takes a turn to be a character in the story (characters depend on the number of children). Tell the nativity story in your own words as each child acts out their part (bring a baby doll). (if you have enough students, it is fun to have different “inn keepers.” When Joseph “knocks” on their door and asks if there is room in their inn, they say, “No, we’re too full.” But the last one says, “No, we’re too full, but you can stay in our stable with the animals”). Each character says how they show love for baby Jesus.

Watch one or two of these short videos on giving a gift to Jesus at Christmas.

What is your gift to Jesus? How can we show love to him?

Have each child color a picture of Jesus. Write down what each child says to finish the sentence: “I can show my love to Jesus by….”

Make a box with things inside as described in the first videoclip for each child. Wrap them up and tell the Sunbeam child to open it up at Christmas morning and tell everyone what each thing means to us at Christmas.

Review games:

Pictionary: I’m going to draw a picture (on whiteboard) of someone or something and you try to guess who it is (Wise men, Mary, Joseph, cow, sheep, donkey, star, Baby Jesus, the manger, etc.)

The Standup-Sit down game: Tell something about the story and the children stand up if it is true and sit down if it is not:

Mary is the mother of Jesus

Mary rode on a camel to Bethlehem

The Wise Men gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh

Joseph was the husband of Mary

The Innkeeper gave Joseph and Mary a nice room in their hotel

The Star shined over the manger to show everyone where Baby Jesus was

The Angels appeared to the Shepherds

The Shepherds took care of elephants

The animals in the manger were zebra and lions

The Shepherds took care of sheep






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