Lesson #41 Heavenly Father and Jesus Gave Us the Scriptures

“By observing the progress of those you teach, you can sensitively make adjustments in the lesson plan presentation. For example, you can repeat or reemphasize ideas, stop for a discussion, share a story, or bear testimony. You can also know when to reach out to an individual. To be attentive and able to focus on learners, you must prepare well so you will not be overly dependent on notes or the lesson manual” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 73).

Materials needed: Gospel Art Kit pictures (the same as from last week), a bag with all 4 books of the scriptures inside, a tablet or ipad, letters to each child from their parents (call ahead to ask for these; if you see the parents in sacrament meeting, remind them if they forgot to do this). 

Last week we learned the names of special meetings we go to each Sunday. Do you remember the name of the meeting where we sit in the chapel with our families and the most important thing we do is remember Jesus while we take the sacrament? (sacrament meeting)

Do you remember the name of the meeting with the other Primary children (either before or after class time) and sing songs together and listen to talks? (Sharing Time).

Do you remember the name of our meeting right now in this classroom? (Sunbeam class).

Which one was the most important? Why? Did you remember to think of Jesus during the sacrament today and be reverent to show your love for him?

We are going to learn some new names today. I have something special in my bag.  Each Sunbeam child can come up, one at a time, and feel what’s inside and guess what it is.

Hold up the scriptures for all to see. These are called the “scriptures.” Can you same that name with me?  There are 4 names of books in the scriptures.  New Testament, Old Testament, (Bible) Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. (Hold up each book and have the children repeat the names after you). These are the words the Heavenly Father and Jesus said and the prophets wrote them down. We can read what Heavenly Father said in the scriptures.  They are the word of God.

If your parents want to tell you something but they were not with you…maybe they were on a trip, or working…then they could call on the phone you or write you a letter. I asked your parents to write a letter to you and since they aren’t in our Sunbeam class right now, I will read each one. It is like they are talking to you even though they aren’t here. (Read each letter. If you didn’t get a letter from a parent, just pretend to read a general message to that child so they don’t feel left out).

The scriptures are kind of like a letter from Heavenly Father and Jesus to us. They love us and the scriptures are a way for us to hear what they want to say since they live in heaven and we can’t see them.

If you don’t bring scriptures to church, you can check them out from the library. (Take the class to the library and get a book for each child. Show them how to check it out). Challenge them to bring a book of scriptures (Book of Mormon at the least) each week to class.

Back in class: Have children practice turning the pages on the scriptures. Show them how to do it carefully and respectfully. Learn where to find the front cover, back, the title and how to treat it. Look at pictures inside if there are any.

I’m going to read some  things that Jesus told us to do. Read the following scriptures and tell the main point of each. (3 Ne. 18:21 “Pray in your families”) (D&C 59:6 “Love thy neighbor”).

Sing “Book of Mormon Stories” while they circle around their chairs with gospel art kit pictures of Jesus’ life (same from last week’s lesson). Have children tell what they see when the song stops.

Watch some video stories of Jesus on the lds.org site under “Resources”  “Video, Audio and Images” “Bible Videos”  Suggested ones:

Jesus Declares the Parable of the Lost Sheep

Jesus Heals a Lame Man on the Sabbath

Review: Hold up each book of scriptures and ask if the children remember their names. There are 4 names of books in the scriptures.  New Testament, Old Testament, (Bible) Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. (Hold up each book and have the children repeat the names after you). These contain the stories of Jesus and the prophets.

Testify of how the scriptures have helped you in your life and how you know they are true.

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