Sunbeam Lesson #30 "I Can Forgive Others"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

Materials needed: popsicle sticks and the downloaded figures from the link below, crayons, Gospel Art Kit picture 1-59.

Last week, do you remember what we talked out in our Primary Sunbeam class? (give them some clues if they need, such as, “What did my puppet Jack do?” “What did I say when I forgot to give someone a snack?” “What song did we learn about making a mistake?”)

Sing the “Mistake Song” again.

When someone makes a mistake, and says, “I’m sorry,” what should we say back to them? (discuss)

When we say, “That’s okay” and forgive someone else, it helps us to be happy. We are friends with others. Sometimes people make big mistakes, and it hurts us. Has this ever happened to you?

Someone pushes you down and you get hurt.

Someone grabs a toy from you and won’t share.

Someone says a mean word to you.

Someone tells you they don’t want to play with you.

What should you do?

Do this finger/hand play together for the children:

Once upon a time there were two little hands who loved each other.

They rubbed each other, patted each other, hugged each other and clapped together (do each action)

But one day, one said to the other (make one hand to be a “speaking mouth”) “I don’t want to play with you anymore. You’re not my friend!” So the other hand said, “Then I’m not your friend either!

And they both ran away! (put hands quickly behind back)

Oh dear! What can we do? Let’s tell them, “Come on hands, let’s be friends. Come on hands, let’s be friends.. (slowly brings both hands around from behind the back to the front until they are almost touching)…but the hands said, “No!” (quickly put hands behind back)

Repeat the “Oh dear!” part above and have the hands reject each other a few times.

On the 3rd or 4th time, end with “…and the hands said, “I forgive you.”

And they rubbed each other, patted each other, hugged each other and clapped together (do each action) just like before. They were so much happier when they were friends!

(If the children enjoyed the fingerplay, you can do it again, and this time have the children use their hands to do it with you)

Teach the children the song “Help Me, Dear Father (Children’s Songbook, p. 99)

Help me, dear Father, to freely forgive

All who may seem unkind to me.

Help me each day, Father I pray;

Help me live nearer, nearer to thee.

Show the Gospel Art Kit picture 1-59. Talk about how Jesus was cruelly treated by the soldiers, yet he forgave them from the cross. He taught us that it isn’t good to be angry for a long time when others are mean to us. If we forgive them, then we feel peace in our hearts.

Down load this 2-page document:

Tell the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers from page one.

From page two: Color and cut out stick figures of each and put on popsicle sticks for each child. When they are all done, tell the story again and have them hold up the corresponding stick figure. Then have them tell the story to each other. Help them when needed. Encourage them to take home their stick puppets and tell the story to their family for Family Home Evening.


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