Sunbeam Lesson #21 "I Have Feelings"

Lesson #21   “I Have Feelings”

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“Our testimonies are often strengthened because of experiences we have. Perhaps you have had an experience that has strengthened your testimony that Heavenly Father answers prayers. Or you may have been blessed for obeying a certain commandment. When you share such experiences, you are a living witness of gospel truths, and the Spirit can bear witness to others that what you say is true. In addition to sharing your own experiences, you should encourage learners to share their experiences as they feel comfortable doing so” Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 45.

Materials needed: Gospel Art Kit pictures, mirror, a ball, paper plates with expressions drawn on, a hand puppet, playdough or a Father’s Day craft (see below).

Take note of what the Sunbeam children did during Sharing Time and on the way to class where they showed an emotion. In class, begin, by telling them what you noticed. If they were sad, discuss why. Happy? Excited?

Show pictures of different children in situations from the Gospel Art Kit such as Children Quarreling (1-48) and Children Playing With Blocks (1-49).  How do these people feel?  How can you tell?

We can feel different ways.  If you are happy, you have a smile on your face and you feel good inside.  If you are sad, you have a frown and you feel bad inside.  Look in the mirror and see what face you are making.

Jesus was happy many times when He lived on the earth. When He was with children, He was happy. He loves children, like you, very much. When Jesus died, many people were sad. Can you see the faces of the people in this picture? (1-73). What are they feeling? Why?

I am grateful that Jesus died for us so that we can all live again. We can live together with our families in heaven because Jesus resurrected and gave that gift to us. That makes me very happy! How does that make you feel?

Sing: “Smiles” (Children’s Songbook, p. 267)

I have a some paper plate faces that show different feelings.  Can you guess what they are? When we see a face, let’s make the same expression with our faces too.

I have a puppet who would like to tell some stories.

Puppet: You and your friend are playing with toys and they won’t share.  they grab a toy from your hands. What should you do if you feel angry?  (Stand up when you hear a good choice, sit down when I say a bad choice)

Hit your friend

Throw a toy

Use your words and say, “Let’s take turns.”

Two children, a brother and sister, are sweeping the kitchen. The brother is sweeping with the broom and the sister is holding the dust pan. The brother sweeps too hard and hits his sister with the broom on accident. The sister says, “You stupid! What should the brother do after his sister called him a bad name? (Stand up when you hear a good choice, sit down when I say a bad choice)

Yell and scream

Call his sister a bad name

Hit his sister

Say, “Don’t call me a bad name.  I don’t like that.”

(Make up more scenarios and possible reactions if desired)

We can also go to an adult and tell them if we need help.  We can ask a teacher, our parents or neighbors if we are in trouble and are sad or afraid.  If we are scared or feel  sad, we can also pray to Heavenly Father. 

Tell a personal story about when you felt scared, worried, alone or sad and how prayer helped you. Keep it a simple and age-appropriate story that is reassuring to the young children. Ask if they have prayed when they were sad or worried or scared. How did they feel after?

Sing: “If You’re Happy” (Children’s Songbook, p. 266)

Sing additional verses with other emotions: (mad.. stomp your feet/sad… make a frown/tired…go to sleep/hurt…cry boo hoo)

Gather children on the floor: Roll a ball back and forth. Each child that catches the ball answers the questions, “What makes you happy?”

Testimony.  Even though we may feel sad or afraid or angry sometimes, we want to be happy.  Heavenly Father and Jesus want  us to be happy.  Jesus died for us so we can live with him again and be happy forever.

Alternative endings: You can get out Play Dough and have the children share it. Sharing makes everyone happy.

Or, if this Sunday falls on Father’s Day, talk about what makes their dad happy. What can they do for their dad? Make a craft or a special card to give to their dad.

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