Sunbeam Lesson #18 "I Am Thankful for My Ears"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“Provide opportunities to play with others. Use activities that encourage sharing, taking turns, and cooperating. Develop a close relationship with the child, and frequently give the child opportunities to talk about his or her family…Teach the gospel in simple, concrete ways. Teach that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and are kind and loving. Share simple expressions of testimony. Help the child recognize the beauty of God’s creations.” Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 111.

Materials needed: Gospel Art Kit pictures “The First Vision” 1-4, “Child with a Hearing Aid” 1-41, and 1-23 (Birds), 1-25 (Fish), 1-14 (Daniel in Lion’s Den), 1-26 (Frog), The Primary 1 Nursery Musical Activities CD, sound items in a sack (i.e. bell, whistle, rattle, wind-up toy, etc.), microwaveable popcorn.

After the opening prayer, whisper directions to children such as stand up and turn around, fold their arms, smile, frown, sit back down. In your normal voice, ask them if they could hear you even though you were talking very softly. Why? What part of their bodies helped them hear your voice?

Our ears are a very important part of our bodies. Heavenly Father made them so we could hear. We have two, one on each side of our head.

Sing “Thanks to Our Father” Children’s Songbook, p. 20. Do the actions on 2nd verse:

Thanks to our Father we will bring,

For he gives us everything.

Eyes and ears and hands and feet,

Clothes to wear and food to eat.

Repeat song a few times. When they know it well enough, instead of singing certain words (“eyes” or “ears”) just point to them and see if they children can fill in the words.

What are some things we can hear? (get answers)

I’m going to choose a few Sunbeam children to come up and look at a picture of an animal. Only that child can see it. They will make the sound of the animal. The rest can guess and if you are right, I’ll show you the picture and we can all act out that animal. (Use pictures of frog, fish, lions and birds. Repeat if you have more children or add more animal sounds).

Some children have ears that don’t work very well. Do you know someone who is deaf or wears a hearing aid in their ears? Show picture “Child with a Hearing Aid” 1-41. Sometimes we know older people, like our grandma or grandpa who need to wear hearing aids because their ears are getting old and not working very well. When someone if deaf, they can use sign language since they can’t hear what we are saying.

I’m going to use my hands to tell you some things and see if you can understand without even hearing my voice.

Put your finger over your lips for the “whisper” sign

Raise your hands up and stand to motion for everyone to stand up

Make a “turning” motion with your raised index finger and turn in a circle

Clap your hands

Draw your index fingers upward on the corners of your mouth to make a “smile”, then do the same thing for a frown

Fold your arms

Motion to sit back down

How did you do in following my hand signals? Did you understand what to do even though you couldn’t hear? We can use our hands to talk to people who can’t hear very well. We can be their friends.

I have a sack with things inside that make different sounds. I’m going to reach in the sack and make a sound that you can’t see, but can hear. If you guess it right, I’ll take it out and you can see what it looks like.

In church, there are many things we need to listen to. We listen to the music, we listen to the teachers, we listen to the Holy Ghost who gives us a quiet, happy feeling inside.

Show picture 1-4. Joseph Smith listened to Heavenly Father and Jesus in the sacred grove. Heavenly Father said, “This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!” Can you say that with me? (repeat a few times). That mean that Heavenly Father wanted Joseph to listen carefully. We should listen and follow what Jesus says in the scriptures and to our prophet and our parents when they tell us to do what is right.

Play the selection from Primary 1 Nursery Musical Activities CD “Musical Awareness” (4:24 track 2) and follow the listening activities.

Take the children to the kitchen and tell them they are going to use all their senses, including hearing. As you put the microwaveable popcorn in, identify each of the 5 senses. Take the popped popcorn outside to eat. While they eat it, have them lay down on the grass and listen to the crunch of the popcorn in their mouths. Then have them identify any other sounds they hear while they are laying down listening.

Back inside the classroom, let the children play with the sound items if you have extra time.

Bear your testimony of our special bodies and all we can do. Our ears help us hear so many beautiful things. Mention some of the things they heard today. We should listen always to our prophet, the scriptures and the Holy Ghost. We don’t hear his voice in our ears, but in a quiet, happy feeling.

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