Sunbeam Lesson #16 "I Have a Body"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“The Lord taught that those who have desires to assist in His work must ‘be humble and full of love, having faith, hope, and charity’ (D&C 12:8). Only those who are motivated by love will have a positive, powerful influence on those they teach. Pray to be filled with Christlike love toward every person you teach, especially those who sometimes behave inappropriately.” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 85).

Materials needed: picture 1-37 (Daniel Refusing the King’s Meat and Wine), pictures of foods from a magazine or book, pictures of foods cut into half,  magazines with pictures of food (such as in advertisements) for each child, child-sized scissors, paper plates, glue sticks, a healthy food item like an orange.

On your way to class, stop by the bathroom sink and have each child wash their hands with soap and water. Discuss why we use soap and water and how to properly clean their hands.

Show the picture 1-37 and tell the story of Daniel in King’s court.  Briefly discuss how we also eat good foods and follow the commandment about being healthy called “The Word of Wisdom.”  Have the children repeat that phrase a few time.

Our bodies are very special and we want to take good care of them.

Show healthy foods from the pictures. What is your favorite food? Let each child discuss.

Sit the children in a circle on the floor.

I’ve brought a healthy food that I love to eat. What is it? (an orange). Discuss where the food came from, what parts we eat or don’t eat and how it makes our bodies strong (it’s full of vitamin C that is good for us). We will sing the favorite food song and when I roll the orange to you, catch it, and tell us your favorite healthy food.

(Sing to the tune “The Muffin Man”)

“Oh tell me what’s your favorite food

your favorite food, your favorite food,

Oh tell me what’s your favorite food,

A healthy food today.”

When you are done with this activity, open up the orange and share a section with each child.  Have them show you their clean hands they washed earlier. Tell them they should always wash before eating food. What does the orange taste like? How does your body feel inside when you are eating something healthy?

While they are still on the floor, place the food picture halved pieces in front of them. See if they can guess what they are. Give the other half to the children, one by one, and have the match the food puzzle pieces.

Heavenly Father wants us to keep our bodies healthy and strong by eating food foods and also by exercising.  How can you exercise? 

If you have good weather, go outside and show all the wonderful things their bodies can do. Line up the children on one end of the yard and have them get to the other side by:

running fast

walking slow

jumping like a kangaroo

flapping their arms and flying like a bird

hopping like a frog


If you have bad weather, do the Path Game:

Make a path game by laying down the pictures of foods on the floor from one end of the room to the other (clear chairs away if needed). Put a piece of paper next to each food starting with “1” and on up to the last picture. On the backside of the numbered papers, write an exercise to do (jump up and down 10 times, hop on one foot 3 times, do a somersault, twirling for 3 seconds, kick one leg in the air, etc.). Have each child draw a number (written on papers in a sack, or spin a spinner or roll a die from a game) and walk that many steps to a picture. Name the food. On the other side, do the exercise it tells you to do. Keep going until they get to the end of the path. Continue with each child. Repeat if appropriate.

Make the “Healthy Plate.” Have the children look through the magazines and find pictures of healthy foods they like. Have them cut them out (or do it for them if they have difficulty with this) and glue the foods on their paper plate. Write the word down next to the food picture.

Bear your testimony that Heavenly Father gave us only one body and it is very special. We need to obey His commandments to be happy and healthy by taking care of our bodies.



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