Lesson #15 "The Sabbath Day is a Day of Worship"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“A skilled teacher doesn’t think, ‘What shall I do in class today?’ but asks, ‘What will my students do in class today?’; not, ‘What will I teach today?’ but rather, ‘How will I help my students discover what they need to know?’” Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 61.

Materials needed: a soft ball or toy, picture 1-35

Show picture of Israelites (1-35) and tell the story of collecting manna and how they kept the Sabbath Day Holy. Collecting manna was like going to the store to get food. We don’t do that on Sunday. Sunday is a special day and it has a special name called “The Sabbath Day.” Can you say, “Sabbath Day”? (Repeat until all can say it). It means it is Heavenly Father’s day that we keep holy.

Sit in a circle and toss a soft ball or toy to each child. When they catch it, they tell something they can do on Sunday. Give them ideas if they need.

Let’s sing a song about the days of the week. We’ll walk in a circle and act these out while we sing.

(sing to the Tune “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush”)

“This is the way we eat our breakfast…so early in Monday morning.” Repeat with other actions. Each time, end with the next day of the week. On Sunday say, “This is the way we go to church…so early Sunday morning” (walk slowly with arms folded).

We also show Heavenly Father and Jesus that we love them by getting clean and putting on our nicest clothes when we come to church. Comment about each child and what they are wearing. Point out things like, “Jonathon has on a very  nice vest. It is very clean and has blue and green on it. I think he saves it for his Sunday best.” or “Maria has on special Sunday shoes and white tights. She is wearing a pretty blue dress with pleats at the bottom. Her hair is clean and combed into a ponytail and has a yellow bow in it.” After you have said something nice about each child, tell them how much Heavenly Father is pleased that they got ready in their best clean clothing and clean bodies to come to His house.

Sing “Mary Wore Her Red Dress” (personalizing it to each child)

“Mary wore her red dress, red dress, red dress,                                                          Mary wore her red dress to church today.”

Repeat each verse with each child’s name and clothing.

Each child takes off one shoe and puts it in the middle of the floor. Pick up each shoe and pretend it can talk. Say things like:

“Hi. I’m Timothy’s shoe. I live in his closet with his other shoes. He has tennis shoes and snow boots and sandals for the summer. I sit there and wait for every Sunday when he picks me to wear to church.”

“Hi. I’m Angel’s shoes. I am very beautiful. Can you see how I am black with flowers on the top? She never wears me to go outside to play because I am very special. She wants to keep me clean. I only go on her feet on Sundays.”

“I belong to Daniel. He likes me very much. Do you know how I can tell? He takes very good care of me. He doesn’t splash in the mud or water but walks very slowly and carefully when he wears me. He only puts me on when it’s Sunday. I am his “Reverent Shoes.” He thinks about Jesus and walks very slowly when I am on his feet. I remind him to use his inside walking feet and not to run.”

After highlighting each shoe, put them all back and have each child come up and pick a shoe out of the pile. Have them give it to the owner it matches.

We are in Heavenly Father’s house.  We keep it clean.  We don’t put trash on floor or run in the halls.  We walk reverently and take care of everything because it is a special place.  Let’s practice walking quietly down the halls with our quiet shoes and check to see if the floors are all clean.  If we see any litter, be sure to pick it up and throw it in the trash.

Back in class: How did you feel when you were walking reverently and showing respect for Heavenly Father and Jesus? Bear your testimony about the Sabbath Day and how we can feel when we keep it holy. It is a day when we can worship God and feel close to Him to feel His love for us.

The most important thing we do on the Sabbath is come to church to take the sacrament.  It is the most special thing we do. Explain purpose of sacrament. How do we sit while we are in sacrament meeting. Why do we sit quietly? (wait for answers). We sit quietly to show our love for Heavenly Father and Jesus and feel their Spirit.

Make up a story about a girl who is trying to be reverent, but her sister keeps bugging her. Can she think about Jesus when her sister is bothering her?

What would you do? 

Tell different scenarios about having someone ask them to do something wrong on the Sabbath.  After each one, ask What would you do? Toss the ball to the person who will answer the question.


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