Book Review: EmmyMOM: taking life one day at a time

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If you buy a new TV, it comes with an instruction manual. If you buy a new car, it comes with an instruction manual.  Heck, even the new toaster we recently bought came with an instruction manual.  All of the things in our lives come with instructional manuals— everything but one of the most complicated “things” that we have—our children.
I think all of us at times have wished for an instruction manual for our kids; what if I told you there was one?
I was given a copy of the book “Parenting with Spiritual Power” by Julie K. Nelson to review.

In the introduction it warns us about getting caught up in the changing philosophies, parenting styles and whatever is popular at the time and also introduces us to the parenting manual given by our Heavenly Father, the scriptures.
The book is broken into chapters, with each chapter looking at a certain person or scripture story from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon and the principles and parenting powers we can learn.  Chapter 1 talks of Adam and Eve and the lessons we can learn about the Power of Agency. It discusses the idea of offering our children choices and giving them ideas of what they can do and not just a list of things they should not do.  Other scripture stories throughout the book help convey such things as the power of good cheer, the power of correcting with love, the power of perspective, the power of forgiveness, etc.
She briefly talks about the scripture story and then helps show the principles it conveys and concludes with a brief summary at the end of every chapter.
At the very end of the book she also includes 21 discussion questions that are perfect for self reflection, for talking with your spouse, or even would be so perfect as part of a book club or parenting group.
The book is a very quick yet powerful read.  It presents good solid parenting advice backed by scripture references and stories.  For anyone who wants to parent with more faith and with more of a Christ-like approach, I definitely recommend this.

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