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I had an opportunity to review the book: Parenting With Spiritual Power by Julie

I like to read but my time is very precious right now with 3 busy boys. In order for me to take the time, the book needs to be something  applicable and catch my interest.  Parenting With Spiritual Power hits home as an immediate concern of mine.

The teaser for the book is “Children don’t come to our homes with a parenting manual or do they?” We may feel lost in our understanding of how to help our children but we do have a manual…the scriptures…In Parenting With Spiritual Power, Julie Nelson
encourages us to crack open the manual and examine the lives and parenting
principles of scriptural mothers and fathers.

From the moment I first started reading I was captivated.  My undergraduate degree is Family Studies and I have studied parenting techniques and strategies in my subsequent degrees.  I loved how the author immediately made comparisons to the scriptures as a source of parenting. Certainly there is “truth in all things” so to have a book highlight how the scriptures are applicable was validating and encouraging.

This book also came at a much needed time in my life.  I have been a little discouraged these few months. My boys have their challenges and limitations as I have shared recently. I wondered what else as a mother I could do for my boys? The many appointments, therapy sessions, etc. It’s difficult at times. I wondered how God could see fit to trust me with these boys. What more could I do?

Can you tell I’m an overachiever? I’m getting my PhD just to officially be called Dr Mom and feel like I am educated to be their mother. Then I came to this part of the book….The author shares Elder Bednar’s experiences in family home evening. I admire this family greatly. To find out that this family’s Family Home evening wasn’t perfect with rambunctious boys. Their children may not remember a specific lesson.  I read these words in the book. ” What they would say they remember is that as a family we were
consistent.” That is what we have strived to do in our home…be consistent.
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart
from it. That training finds its roots in the home.”
One of the many passages that held my heart.

A few of my favorite quotes from the book.
“Raising a child is like growing a seed; both need faith in realizing their potential. A parent must cultivate an ‘eye of faith’ in raising their child. Additionally, we need to practice patience, long suffering, and diligence to wait upon the child to grow to fruition.”
Ahhh patience…you’d think I would have learned more about patience through all my
years of infertility and trying to find our family through adoption…..

“Parents must constantly nourish themselves with the good word of God and His love before they can reach out effectively to their families and lead by example.”

Lessons from Christ with Judas and Mary: “Focus on the positive we see in our children. Teach doctrine when guiding and correcting children. Our efforts should emphasize their character rather than just their actions.”

Thank you Julie Nelson for a beautiful book that is a tender mercy for me right now!

I hope you will be able to read this book!

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