Sunbeam Lesson#11 "I Am Thankful For Fish"

***Note: Please read the post called “10 Lesson Helps” found under “Primary Lesson Listings” before reviewing any of my Sunbeam lesson plan ideas.

“How will those you teach know that you are listening? You can demonstrate that you are listening by displaying an expression of interest. You can look at the speaker rather than at your lesson materials or other things in the room. You can encourage the speaker to complete his or her thoughts without interruption. You can avoid jumping into conversation prematurely  with advice or judgments. When you understand what is being said, you can make comments that show your understanding” (Teaching, No Greater Call, p. 66).

Materials needed: pictures 1-26 and 1-27, goldfish crackers, newspaper fisherman hats, fishing pole with magnet, colored fish with paper clips and a song, question or activity printed on one side.

Pass out  goldfish crackers for the Sunbeam children to snack on while telling Story of Jonah from Jonah 1-3. Be sure to teach that Jonah was sad when he disobeyed Heavenly Father and was happy when he finally obeyed. The big fish obeyed Heavenly Father and swam over to Jonah in the sea to open its big mouth to swallow him and save him from drowning and to spit him out onto the land after 3 days. Heavenly Father used a big fish teach Jonah that lesson and to bless Jonah and the people on his mission.

Teach the action verse:”Slippery Fish”

Slip-pery fish, slip-pery fish, swimming through the wa-ter (make actions for each animal)

Gulp, gulp, gulp. Oh no!  He was eaten by a…

Octo-pus, Octo-pus, swimming through the wa-ter.

Gulp, gulp, gulp.  Oh no! He was eaten by a ….(great white shark…humungous whale)

Now the whale is full!

Where do fish live?  Have you ever seen a real fish? What did it look like?

Show picture of a frog (1-26) and turtle (1-27) and discuss these animals. They live in the water, too, along with the fish.  What other animals live in the water?  Ask how a fish, frog and turtle move and have the children act them out. Play a Freeze game where you say, “Fish” or “Frog” or “Turtle” or “Freeze” and the children have to do that action.

Teach the action verse: (repeat as children desire)

“There was a little turtle”

There was a little turtle, he lived in a box (hands cupped together)

He swam in the water (swim motions), he climbed on the rocks (climbing motions)

He snapped at the mosquito (clap outstretched hands together)

He snapped at the flea, (clap outstretched hands together)

He snapped at the minnow, (clap outstretched hands together)

He snapped at me.  (clap hands together close to face)

He caught the mosquito (cup hands together)

He caught the flea (cup hands together)

He caught the minnow (cup hands together)

But he didn’t catch me! (shake finger).

Sit children back in chairs. Tell the following in your own words: When the people came to listen to Jesus talk, they had to walk for a long time to see him.  They ran out of food and didn’t have any more.  So Jesus made a miracle and took a little bit of bread and  a few fish and blessed them.  His blessing made the fish and bread to feed lots of people and it didn’t run out. They weren’t hungry anymore and they listened longer to his talk.

Why were the people hungry who came to listen to Jesus?

What special miracle did Jesus do to feed them?

What happened after they ate the fish and bread?

Jesus created the earth and all the animals. That is why he can do miracles with fish and bread.

Line up chairs in one or two rows to make seats in a “boat.”  Give each child a newspaper sailor hat.  Sing “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” and pretend to be rowing. Row and sing fast and slow for variations.

With each child in seats, they can go fishing.  Put fish cut outs on floor and take turns with fishing pole. When they catch a fish, read the instructions. It can either say the name of a Primary song that you all sing together, a review question from the lesson, or an activity for that child to do (jump in place 10 times; smile at everyone in our class, etc.)

Set chairs back in a semi circle. Do the action verse: “Five Little Fishes” (put up five fingers on your hand).

Five little fishes swimming in the sea, swimming and saying, “You can’t catch me!”
Along comes the shark going snap, snap, snap.  Four little fishes comes swimming back. (Repeat until all fish-fingers are gone).

Remind the children that Jesus Christ created the earth and all the animals, including fish, turtles and frogs. When Christ lived on the earth, he used fish many times to teach the people about His power and to bless them. Bear testimony of your love for each child and for your Savior and Heavenly Father.

Extension activity: If you are able to go outside, you can play “Sharks and Minnows.” The children (“minnows”) line up on one side of the field while the “shark” stands in the middle. When you say, “Go,” the children must run across to the other side. The “shark” tags as many “minnows” as s/he can and they turn into shark. Keep going until all children are caught.



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